Behind closet doors 1

Welcome to our new feature: Behind closet doors!

I will be exploring the fashionable world of some of the most inspiring ladies I know. And face it, secretly we all want to know what their world a.k.a. closet looks like, now don’t we?
The first one up is Kim Deboes from Absolutely Mrs. K. If you know and follow her blog, you probably understand why I picked her closet as the first to investigate. She’s always dressed in the most original designer pieces combined in her own eclectic and eccentric way. Now come and follow me into Kim’s closet universe…
Kim keeps all of her treasures in a colorful walk-in closet. What else did you expect from this elegant lady? She lives in a beautiful and light-filled, spacious house on the countryside, that she had built to match her stylish dreams.

Amongst her favorite items you will find a perfectly cut Louis Vuitton bouclé jacket, a pair of glittering Miu Miu pumps and the classic Dior Saddle bag. I love how you can recognize her in the entity that is her wardrobe. It’s like an extension of her abundant mind.

When you take a look around in her world, you’ll discover the most wonderful details, one by one. A colorful bird ring, an arty wallpaper used to decorate a cabinet or a few more designer bags in the back of the closet. You could go on for hours discovering it all and I bet even Kim herself could rediscover some items in her richly filled closet.

I absolutely adore her new limited edition Delvaux Brillant bag. The edgy material and color are a match made in heaven with the classic shape.

Kim knows perfectly how to combine her classic pieces with an eccentric touch, but even she can have a hard time combining a certain item into an outfit. Like this beautiful bright pink Louis Vuitton dress for instance. It’s difficult not to look like a soccer wife wearing this short draped dress. But I’m sure she’ll manage to pull this one off in summer, combining it with a beautiful mint skinny. Mint is the solution to everything, no doubt about it. *wink*

Kim welcomed me into her little palace wearing these cute Chloe Sevigny for Opening Ceremony loafers, part of the stash of souvenirs she brought from her last trip to New York City.

My all time favorite accessory in Kim’s collection, you say? Well I had a hard time not taking the cutest puppy ever with me in my bag when going home! I would like to introduce you to Victor-Antoine: The most posh pup in Belgium that has an Eames chair for a biting toy, or at least he thinks so!

Where does she get the inspiration for her eclectic style? Well unlike most of us, she doesn’t read fashion magazines and cares even less for fashion shows. She’d rather go on a shopping hunt, searching for and falling in love with that one piece she has never seen before. A fresh way of looking at things if you ask me!

So now I know what it feels like to have a closet full of beautiful designer stuff. How did she manage to create such a wonderful collection? Well she let me in on a little secret. Her mom is one of her biggest inspirations, living only a few houses away from her. They have the same taste in shoes and bags, so they do the old switcheroo sometimes. You could actually say I have only seen half of it yet! Oh boy… To be continued!


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  1. Zo’n mooi eclectisch interieur! en zo’n leuke inloopkast! het kleurgebruik in haar huis is echt subliem… ik hou niet van te moderne, strakke, zwart-wit interieurs. En die tegeltjes in de gang… 1 word: perfect! :-)

  2. so strange to see my house and my closet, but i love every little single detail! and the text, i could not have said it any better! i always love it when somebody gets me! thank you so much for featuring me! it was a pleasure having you! and oh my god, those photos, do you work for a magazine???? how gorgeous are they!

  3. Ik reageer quasi nooit, maar nu moét het even. Volgens mij kan je van zo’n interieur en dressing gewoonweg geen lelijke foto’s maken. To. Die. For. Dan nog gezwegen over wát er in de dressing hangt en de manier waarop de tafel gedekt is. Love it!

  4. I love Kim and her eccentric style, so glad you went behind the scenes, I’m always curious to see the closets of my favorite style bloggers :)
    The bird ring is SO cute!

  5. Wat een heerlijke post! Een beetje voyeurisme is altijd fijn, zeker als het om een kast gaat van iemand as fabulous as Mrs. K! Ik hoop dat je dit conceptje verder zet en ons nog een hele hoop verrassende kasten mag tonen ;)

    Oh en Kim, care to adopt me? I don’t chew on chairs, promise!

  6. Jealousy is the only word appropriate to decribe my feelings right now. And respect, too.
    It must takes years to build such a collection, and such an interior. We’re watching a very talented woman here.

    x Jonas

    • Yes, jealousy is creeping around the corner when entering Mrs. K’s world! But I mostly enjoyed being in her little palace, cuddling her pup and eating the best pie ever! ;)


  7. WOW! Kim, I never knew what “K” stood for. I like it! ;-) This closest along with this house is amazing! Love Mrs. K’s style. She always rocks it with her unique treasures! Thanks for sharing her! Kiah

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