Behind Closet Doors: Patricia Goijens

Meet Patricia Goijens, one of the ladies behind the blog Ella and Louise, the super-duper online shop Lily and The Lady and freelancer at . A young woman with an old soul, interesting as hell, just like her wardrobe collection. I call it a collection, because she rarely throws things away and she remembers every details regarding every purchase: Location, occasion and price! She has a true love for what she owns and chooses carefully what she buys. Patricia loves traveling and picking up treasures along her way. She lived in Barcelona and London, but recently settled down in a beautiful apartment in Antwerp, with a billion dollar view!

Her wardrobe consists of a truly personal and eclectic mix of designer items, vintage finds and highstreet goodies. She is trying to avoid an easy catch on the highstreet and tries to invest in pieces she sees herself wearing for many years to come. Like this coat from Idiz Bogam, a vintage coat redone by a designer, what more can you ask for!

I like Patricia for many reasons, one of them being our mutual love for vintage and shoes. She has a profound band with her grandmothers who passed away several years ago. Yes, I say ‘has’ as in the present tense, because she still wears a lot of pieces she got from her grandmothers or that are related to them. A wardrobe with a story is the most interesting to peak into for me!

Talking about investing into designer pieces, Patricia has some true eye-catchers like the Giuseppe Zanotti glitter boots, an YSL ring, a Proeza Schouler bag, a whole la fille d’O collection and Dries Van Noten sandals to name a few :O

If you have a very eclectic and diverse wardrobe, you need to find a way to get some serenity into your closet, Patricia does this by organizing everything to color. I can learn a thing or two from this girl!

I want to thank Patricia and Dieter for taking me into their home, letting me peek into the dressing, feeding me some yummy lasagna and chatting the night away! We should do this over sometime soon, many more things to discover in that little room of yours ;)



  1. I love this lady for so so many reasons, one of the reasons is the fact that she is so smart and stylish (apparently are rare combination but not for this girl)! Her style is not mine, but her style is unique and intriguing. I didn’t know she was such a vintage lover and I am talking about her apartment! What a gorgeous place! Love love love it! And yes Patricia is eclectic like me, but we are not the same! Told you her style is unique

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