USA fashion-obsession: part 1

Pictures: Tumblr & Pinterest

Scotch & Soda (Maison Scotch)


When I left for America, I had certain items in mind I wanted to find there, some iconic American fashion! One of them being the baseball/varsity jacket, preferably one in satin and with at least two colors! Unfortunately I didn’t find my dream jacket in the numerous thrift stores I visited, but back in Belgium I started the hunt!
The Isabel Marant Pieric jacket is the perfect dream jacket, but last-season, a 1000€ and sold out everywhere, this one’s not really an option… On with the hunt! I found this beautiful minimalistic version from Maison Scotch, a perfect candidate for everyday, both in price and looks! But when it comes to baseball jackets I have a weakness for the more extreme styles/colors/embroideries, so when I discovered this romantic baseball jacket from Replay, I was in love! But you know what they say, love makes blind! So I need your help. Which jacket should I buy?


PS: Watch this trailer of The Wanderers for the perfect baseball jacket mood, back in the days (60’s) when it was still cool to all wear the same jacket if you belonged to the same group, when individuality wasn’t the highest goal and someone always got your back! I could have used a gang like that at Saturday’s bachelorette party, when I got into a little fight with a drunk dude! Let’s say, one of my legs isn’t just sun kissed now, but a little more black and blue instead. Grrr!!!

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  1. What, you’ve got into a fight?! Hope your leg heals fast, poor girl!
    As for the jackets, I’m a fan, but finding a nice one isn’t easy. I like the Replay one more.

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