When I wear flared jeans I always feel more elegant and dressed up than when I’m wearing skinnies. They simply elongate your legs when combined with heels. Great optic illusion for a long-bodied girl like me. They used to be called bell-bottoms, did you know that? Back in the day when only sailors wore them. I like the ring to it, bell-bottoms. I wonder why marketing people ever thought it was a better idea to call them flared jeans. Well, bell-bottoms makes me smile, so I’m bringing it back!
Want to make the optical illusion complete? Add the Mr. Big beanie by I Love Mr. Mittens to it. Your head, and in extension of that your whole body, will look so tinny, you’ll be cheating 2 sizes the least! ;) And it’ll keep you warm and cozy at all times! Have a lovely week, my merry friends. Wear some bell-bottoms and pastel, if you’re feeling blue.

Need more bell-bottoms inspiration? Check out my pin-board!

wearing: bell-bottoms: MiH jeans at Lily And The Lady / beanie: Mr. Big by I Love Mr. Mittens / coat: Zara / denim shirt: Forever 21 / boots: Zara / lipstick: Givenchy

photos by Michiel.




  1. Whiiiiiiii, thanks for the inspiration, I have that candy floss coat from Zara tooooo and I was aching for some more inspiration. Sooooo, the hunt for pretty bell bottoms is now on again :-D

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